Surviving the Texas Heat: Combating Drought Stress in Argyle’s Trees

Date July 21, 2023

Author TreeNewal Staff

With the high temperatures in Northern Texas, trees in Argyle need special care to prevent any long-term damage. Understanding how to identify and combat drought stress in trees is essential. Read as our TreeNewal team explains how to identify drought stress and provides an overview of the tree care services we provide that can increase drought resilience.

What Impact Does Drought Have on Trees?

Image via Flickr by mapelion

Drought can severely impact trees, causing their fine feeder roots to die. Without fine feeder roots, trees can’t soak up the water and nutrients they need, which causes the overall health of the tree to decline since the tree lives under drought stress until it replaces its feeder roots. Prolonged stress can also make a tree more susceptible to other issues, including pest infestation, wood borers, and root rot.

Look for Drooping Leaves and Branches

When a tree experiences drought stress, its leaves will usually wilt and turn brown. Without enough water, a tree’s branches may also begin to droop. It’s vital to pay attention to these signs and quickly act since a tree impacted by drought needs more water and special care to survive.

Check for Cracking Bark

A tree’s bark may start to crack when it doesn’t receive enough water in a hot climate. Cracked bark is a clear sign of severe drought and tree stress. A homeowner who notices this symptom will want to water the tree immediately and find out if it requires additional care to help it recover and survive.

Identify Leaf Scorch or Premature Fall Colors

While autumn colors are beautiful, leaves prematurely changing hue can indicate drought stress. If a tree’s leaves change and begin to fall too early in the season, it’s a sign that the tree hasn’t been receiving enough water and is at risk of dying soon. Contacting a tree care specialist is essential to ensure the tree receives the hydration and special care it requires.

How To Combat Drought Stress in Trees

There are a few steps homeowners can take once they notice their trees are under drought stress. Regularly watering them is essential to help them recover from the heat and prevent long-term damage. Placing a layer of mulch around the roots can also help to protect trees from heat by keeping them moisturized and cool even in high temperatures.

Contact the Tree Experts at TreeNewal

During the summer months, the extreme heat in Argyle can take a toll on trees. If you’ve noticed your trees are experiencing drought stress, contact the experts at TreeNewal for specially tailored guidance and advice. We offer a variety of helpful services, including tree watering, mulching, and tree pruning, to help you care for your trees and promote their health no matter the season.

Drought stress can cause serious damage in hot weather, so it’s important to act fast if you think your tree is suffering from this issue. The team at TreeNewal can help your trees recover and provide you with the services you need to keep them healthy.