Surviving the Summer in Southlake: Essential Tree Care Needs During the Hottest Months

Date August 03, 2023

Author TreeNewal Staff

While summer is the time for us to relax and enjoy the weather, trees can be vulnerable to multiple stressors during these months. In Southlake, the summer heat can call for extra care to keep trees healthy and lush. It is important to water trees regularly and ensure they’re free of pests, especially during times when they may be subject to additional heat stress. Consider these tips for taking care of your trees and helping them survive the Southlake summer.

Image via Flickr by cheesechoker

Watering in Southlake

One of the best ways to make sure a tree survives the summer is to water it more often than in cooler months. While you may be accustomed to watering a tree only once per week, it can be ideal to water every two to three days when the temperature is consistently above 90 degrees. Fully soak the base of the tree so that the trunk can take in as much water as possible. If you notice water forming a pool at the base of the tree, water it slightly less going forward.

Pest Management

Another important aspect of tree health during the summer is pest management. While not all insects cause harm to trees, there are many that can damage their health, such as aphids, spider mites, and leaf beetles. One of the most effective ways to manage pests is to take preventative measures, such as pruning trees and using supplements like TreeNewal’s VITAL Blend 5M, which enhances the soil and keeps the pests away. If there are already pests on a tree that you want to save, you can opt for pest removal using manual or chemical methods.

Preventing Heat Stress

Heat is one of the biggest stressors that trees can encounter during the summer. When trees experience heat stress, it can slow their growth and, in extreme cases, cause leaves and branches to die. Some common ways that trees can experience heat stress are sunlight reflecting off surfaces that are near to the tree, hot air moving around the tree, and heat radiating from the soil or surfaces that surround the tree.

To prevent heat stress during the summer, ensure trees receive water frequently, and try to find ways to give your trees some added shade through companion planting. This involves adding shrubs or plants with large leaves to the area where the trees are, as they can shield the soil and keep the ground cool for nearby plants. Other ways to combat heat stress in trees include spreading mulch that reduces the soil’s temperature and refraining from pruning, as trees exert energy to repair the pruned branches, which may produce additional heat.

Let TreeNewal help

With summer blazing on, TreeNewal can help keep your trees healthy and looking their best all the way into the fall. Our tree doctors will do all the work, ensuring each tree is free of pests and ready to take on the Texas heat. Call our team at (817) 592-6846 to start pampering your trees today.