Southlake’s Community Tree Planting Events

Date January 19, 2024

Author TreeNewal Staff

Planting new trees in a community is a great way to enhance air quality, beautify the landscape, and promote environmental sustainability. There’s much to consider when planting new trees, such as choosing the right location and selecting the best species for the soil and weather conditions. That’s why Southlake offers a variety of tree-planting initiatives residents can participate in to increase the number of trees across the city. Let’s take a look at a few programs that allow residents to get involved with community tree planting in Southlake.

Street Tree Program

Image via Unsplash by Nathan Guzman

One of Southlake’s top tree-planting initiatives is the Street Tree Program. This program allows residents to request the planting of new trees on residential streets and roads where pedestrians have the right of way. By doing so, this program aims to increase the number of trees in the city to provide more shade, protect native wildlife, and control air pollution. Residents can choose from four tree varieties when participating in the Street Tree Program: Chinese Pistache, Lacebark Elm, Live Oak, and Shumard Oak.

Memorial Tree Program

Another way residents can get involved with tree planting in Southlake is through the Memorial Tree Program. This allows people to submit a request for a tree to be planted in a public park to memorialize a loved one who has passed. One of the most exciting aspects of this program is that it’s not limited to individual residents, so local businesses and community organizations can also take part.

Participants in this program can choose between the same four tree species as the Street Tree Program. Once a request is approved, a nursery plants the memorial tree on the recipient’s behalf.

Texas Trees Foundation

For Texas residents looking for ongoing projects and initiatives for tree planting to participate in, the Texas Trees Foundation is a great place to start. This organization focuses on planting trees in public areas in the city, including streets, parks, and public green spaces. There are multiple ways people can get involved with the Texas Tree Foundation, including making donations, volunteering at tree-planting events, and using the foundation’s resources to learn more about the importance of urban forests.

The organization’s current projects include planting trees on school campuses, establishing an urban tree farm at Richland College, and adding more trees to the Southwestern Medical District. These projects aim to lessen the effects of heat in the area, which are exacerbated by urban activities and infrastructure, while reducing greenhouse gases and carbon emissions by providing more effective air filtration through the trees’ canopies.

TreeNewal Helps Texas Residents Care for Their Newly Planted Trees

These are just a few ways residents can get involved with planting new trees in Southlake and contribute to efforts that beautify the community and enhance air quality. After planting new trees, members of the community are invited to contact the team at TreeNewal for help with maintaining them. TreeNewal offers an array of tree care services, including soil enrichment, disease and fungus management, and tree trimming and removal. Our team is ready to help keep Southlake beautiful by protecting and servicing its newly planted trees.