Southlake Tree Risk Assessment: Ensuring Safety and Peace of Mind

Date November 09, 2023

Author TreeNewal Staff

When a tree shows signs of stress or wear, it might be time to schedule a tree assessment. This can help to mitigate a future risk of declining tree health and reduce potential hazards to anyone on the property. In the Southlake area, TreeNewal conducts comprehensive tree risk assessments to ensure its clients’ peace of mind. Whether a tree has storm damage or disease, our team can find the solution. Here are the reasons why TreeNewal is the best company to assess the health of your trees.

Utilizing Expert Qualifications

Image via Flickr by FirstEnergy

Tree risk assessment is a technical process that requires an expert knowledge of tree health and signs of stress or damage. Therefore, arborists at TreeNewal undergo rigorous training to receive the Tree Risk Assessment Qualification (TRAQ) that ensures they know exactly how to evaluate and help each tree they encounter.

During this training, our arborists complete a detailed course that instructs them about best practices in tree risk assessment, including the science behind the process and the signs to look out for when gauging a tree’s stability. This means our clients can relax knowing that an expert is examining their trees.

Identifying Potential Hazards

One of the most important parts of conducting a tree risk assessment is identifying potential hazards that unhealthy trees pose. This can include the falling of weakened branches or biohazards, such as tree diseases or pests, that may threaten the health of surrounding plants. By hiring a professional tree care company like TreeNewal, you’ll know that the team can identify any risks that may occur and take the appropriate action to ensure you and your trees are protected from future damage, whether it comes to a storm or regular wear over time.

Ensuring Your Safety

Ensuring that trees get regular risk assessments can be an effective way to keep anyone on the property safe. Since trees with lasting damage can produce hazards, such as falling branches or collapsing trunks, they pose a threat to the people around them. This is why getting a risk assessment from a professional tree care company is crucial, as expert arborists will do everything they can to protect your trees from worsening in condition, which will also guarantee your safety.
For example, a certified arborist can identify trees that may fall down and cause damage to the property around them. Then, they’ll offer advice about how to remove or re-plant those trees in order to protect the property and its inhabitants.

Let TreeNewal Assess Your Trees Today

Hiring a professional tree care company like TreeNewal to complete tree risk assessments means knowing that our team will get to the bottom of any situation. Our certified arborists will provide detailed insight into the health of your trees, as well as expert advice about how to maintain them to preserve their health and appearance for years to come. If you’re ready to schedule an assessment for your trees, consult with an arborist at TreeNewal to find out more about how we can help you.