Grapevine’s Residential and Commercial Tree Services

Date November 10, 2023

Author TreeNewal Staff

Proper care and attention are crucial for maintaining healthy and happy trees. This is especially true in areas that experience harsh summer weather, such as Grapevine, Texas. To ensure the trees on a property remain in great condition, consider hiring a professional tree care company like TreeNewal. Primed with a staff of expert certified arborists, TreeNewal offers an array of services in Grapevine to keep the trees looking and feeling fantastic. Here’s a look at some of TreeNewal’s most valuable services you can take advantage of if you live in or near the great city of Grapevine.

Tree Care and Maintenance

Image via Flickr by Bistrosavage

TreeNewal provides comprehensive tree care services designed to keep your trees healthy, no matter what they encounter. These services include soil enrichment to ensure the trees get all the nutrients and hydration they need and tree pruning and trimming that will help your trees grow properly. By trusting a certified arborist to complete your routine tree care, you’ll get careful, precise work that protects your trees from further harm.

Tree Removal Services

When a tree becomes too diseased or weakened to thrive, it may be time to remove it. Other reasons to remove a tree include impending construction or a dead trunk or limbs. Due to this, TreeNewal provides safe tree removal services that use a system of steps to ensure the safe and eco-friendly disposal of wood and other debris. We’ll even complete an assessment to ensure removing the tree is necessary.

Emergency Tree Services

Sometimes, trees experience intense damage from unforeseen circumstances, such as disease or storm damage. Regardless of what type of emergency your trees experience, TreeNewal’s team is prepared to step in and provide whatever care may save them. We’ll work our hardest to preserve the health and beauty of each tree, whichever course of action is necessary.

Landscaping and Design

Many trees make stunning landscaping, especially when they’re planted and trimmed in the perfect way. TreeNewal can help with this, too, as we offer professional landscaping services designed to beautify your trees and greenery. Whether you want creative trimming or to move your trees to a different spot, our team can help you.

Disease Diagnosis and Treatment

Various types of tree diseases can threaten the health of the trees on your property. Since we maintain a staff of certified tree experts, TreeNewal can combat any diseases that your trees experience. Our team can diagnose and treat a range of diseases using high-level knowledge of tree health and special chemical solutions to produce great results.

Let TreeNewal Help Your Trees Today

These are just a few ways TreeNewal can help care for your trees. By hiring our certified arborists to maintain your trees, you can ensure they stay healthy and look beautiful all year round. If you’re ready to give your trees the love and care they need, contact us to find out how our team can help you.