How Can I Prevent Long-Term Problems Caused by Leaf Spots?

Date May 05, 2022

Author TreeNewal Staff

As a homeowner in Texas, you know that leaves can cause all sorts of long-term problems if not dealt with properly. Today, we’ll discuss leaf spot disease and how to prevent it from causing lasting damage to your property.

Keep Your Trees in Good Shape

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The best way to keep your trees from falling victim to disease is by keeping them healthy. Healthy trees are far more likely to resist and survive infection and replace the shedding of unhealthy bits like leaves and bark. Keep your trees well-watered, pruned, and fertilized to endure any bouts of leaf spots.

Plant Disease-Immune Trees in Your Garden

There’s no way to keep absolutely every leaf spot out of your garden, but you can be proactive in planting trees in your garden that are known for their resistance against the more common infections. Bald Cypresses, Magnolias, and Chinese Pistache are a few good options that do particularly well in Texas.

Check out our post here all about the Chinese Pistache tree!

Water at the Right Time

It may be more convenient for you to water in the evenings after getting home from work, but be aware that damp greenery overnight can be a big attraction to all kinds of tree pests and diseases in Texas. Watering in the morning will allow the foliage to dry out more quickly than watering in the evening, which promotes foliar diseases.

Keep Your Yard Cleaned Up

Be sure to clear away any fallen branches or leaves as they drop. You never know what may still be hiding in or on the material that may continue to spread even if the carrier appears to be dead. Leaving those discarded bits lying around may create a breeding ground for all sorts of pests you don’t want hanging around.

Add Preventative Treatments to Your Trees

Leaf spot damage is sometimes purely an aesthetic issue that won’t necessarily need treatment, but there are certainly many instances where fungicides may be utilized. Get an assessment from tree care experts to determine the best course of action. Reacting to a misidentification can easily make your problem worse, so give us a call to get it done right the first time and handle any surprises that may pop up!

TreeNewal Can Help!

Leaf spots can be a major nuisance, but with the right preventative care, you can protect your property from lasting damage. If you’re seeing leaf spots on your trees and want help getting rid of them, contact TreeNewal today. We have years of experience dealing with this type of issue and know how to get your property back to looking its best!

If you need advice or assistance with managing the effects of leaf spots on leaves, get in touch with the ISA-Certified Arborists at TreeNewal and enjoy tailored tree care advice.

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