How to Keep Your Trees Healthy During a Drought

Date April 28, 2023

Author TreeNewal Staff

Trees are vital to the environment, as they provide oxygen, shade, homes for animals, fruit, and so much more. While trees are resilient plants, they can still be susceptible to climate issues. If you have trees on your property, there are many ways a local tree company can help you protect them from drought.

1. Mulch

The trees on your landscape can always benefit from mulch, especially during a dry season. Mulch protects your tree’s internal moisture level while also preventing weeds from sprouting up. Weeds will suck the life out of any plant on your landscape and can easily get out of control. A local tree company knows the right type of mulch to use, such as wood and other organic elements.

2. Regular Trims

According to IBIS World, between 2018 and 2023, the market size of the tree trimming services industry in the US has grown 6.6% per year on average. Regular trimming can prepare your trees for a drought. When you hire a local tree company to trim your tree, they’ll get rid of any dead or diseased branches. This is vital to do since those dead branches can weigh down the tree and cause additional stress. Diseased branches will further spread to the rest of the tree, making the tree more sick and likely to die. The more stress a tree is under, the less likely it can survive such extreme weather.

3. Deep Watering

During a drought, expect to water your trees more often. Your tree should get a good deep watering at least every couple of weeks during the summer or dry season. A local tree company can easily set up a good drip watering system to make this easy. They also know how to check the soil to ensure the water reaches as deep as it should. The best drought watering times are during the morning and evening when the sun won’t be as intense.

Having trees on your property is a beautiful thing to behold. That’s why you must keep your trees as healthy and strong as possible. Let the professionals at our local tree company take care of this issue. Whether it’s a drought or rainy season, we’ll take excellent care of your trees. Call Treenewal today to learn more.