Grapevine’s Best Shade Trees for Summer Comfort

Date January 18, 2024

Author TreeNewal Staff

For those who live in the Grapevine area, it’s important to think about species when planting and taking care of trees. This is because Grapevine experiences extreme weather, including intensely hot summers with bright sunshine. When homeowners are getting ready to plant new trees on their property, they can treat themselves and their guests by choosing species that are optimal for providing shade during the hot Texas summers. Here are a few of the best shade trees for Grapevine that offer protection from the sun while withstanding the summer heat.

Texas Live Oak

Image via Unsplash by David Banning

One of the most effective shade trees homeowners can plant in Grapevine is the Texas live oak. These medium-sized trees can have extensive life spans, with many living hundreds of years. Due to their sturdy build and resilience to extreme weather, Texas live oaks make the perfect tree to add to a backyard for some extra shade.

Since they can spread their root systems up to 100 feet in all directions, it’s best to plant these live oaks in spacious areas where they have room to grow. They also thrive in many types of soil and water conditions, so homeowners can rest easy knowing their live oaks will serve them for many years.

Cedar Elm

The cedar elm is another tree species that provides exceptional shade. They can grow up to 75 feet tall in the proper conditions, though many only grow to be around 40 or 60 feet. With wide, dark leaves, cedar elms create thick canopies that are perfect for relaxing under during the summer months. These trees don’t need as much water as other species, meaning they handle the droughts that are ever so common in Texas with ease.

Bur Oak

Another tree that thrives in Grapevine and offers expansive shade is the bur oak. These oak trees can grow exceptionally large, with some reaching over 90 feet tall. Since bur oaks stay healthy in all types of weather conditions, they can thrive in the summer even if there’s intense heat and droughts. They also offer great benefits to native wildlife, as their trunks and branches are sturdy enough to build shelter in, and their robust acorns make the perfect meal for animals.

Bur oaks also perform well against tree disease. This means they aren’t prone to infestations and diseases that threaten their health and the health of surrounding plants, making them a perfect addition to a property that’s already biodiverse with different species of trees, grass, shrubs, and flowers.

Let TreeNewal Keep Your Trees Healthy for Effective Shade

These are some of the best shade trees for summer comfort in Grapevine. Try adding one or more of these species to your property to create a luscious canopy that shields you from the hot Texas sun. Once your trees are planted and thriving, hire TreeNewal to take care of them so they stay healthy and keep offering shade. With our expert tree pruning services, our team will make sure that your canopy stays healthy and expansive without growing too top-heavy and threatening the structural integrity of the trees. We can’t wait to help keep you cool this summer.