Emergency Tree Services in Dallas: Fast and Reliable

Date November 06, 2023

Author TreeNewal Staff

Though trees provide us with a host of benefits, they can also pose hazards. If a tree is old, damaged, or weak, its potential danger to the surrounding area may outweigh its advantages, thus requiring fast and reliable intervention to resolve the issue. So, when a tree may be compromising the safety of a home or family, it’s important to recognize the problem and take measures to prevent harm.

What Are Emergency Tree Services?

Image via Flickr by Ash Kyd

Emergency tree services are professional solutions to situations where a tree may present a danger to people or property. Some of the most common types of tree emergencies are:

Weather-Damaged Trees

Severe winds, rain, and lightning can wreak havoc on a tree’s structural integrity. After a bit of bad weather, for example, the branches of a tree might hang precariously loose, which presents a potential danger should it fall or get sent flying in the next storm.

Uprooted Trees

Storms can also cause a tree to uproot if the tree has been compromised in some way, perhaps because of old age, damage, or a number of other reasons. A partially uprooted tree is hazardous because it could fall at any time, while a fully uprooted tree is a significant inconvenience at best and a clear danger at worst if it has leaned into, say, a power line.

Diseased or Infested Trees

Trees, like animals, are susceptible to numerous diseases. A diseased tree is dangerous because its roots and limbs aren’t as strong as they should be. The next provocation, such as a storm, could cause it to uproot or drop a branch.

The same goes for trees infested with insects, such as the emerald ash borer, whose larvae feed on the tissue beneath the bark. Such infestations can lead to easier limb breakages and even total trunk failure.

Dead Trees

A tree qualifies as dead when its roots are no longer able to absorb nutrients. Death may arise from any of the emergencies described above or poor environmental conditions. Trees begin to decay once they die, and that decay reduces their structural integrity, increasing the chances of breakage and uprooting.

How To Handle Tree Emergencies

If there’s a tree emergency, the available courses of action may depend on the type of emergency. For example, an uprooted tree doesn’t require immediate attention if it hasn’t caused any damage, likewise for weather-damaged trees that aren’t likely to affect surrounding homes or residents.

TreeNewal is Here For You

If you need emergency tree services in Dallas, the best action is to consult a professional tree service, such as TreeNewal. As ISA-certified arborists with more than a decade’s worth of experience, we understand how to assess, diagnose, and resolve tree emergencies in a fast and reliable fashion. Feel free to reach out to us by phone at 817-329-2450 or through our online inquiry form so that we can help you resolve your tree-related concerns.