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At TreeNewal, we believe that healthy trees result in healthier, happier lives for the people around them. Our ISA Certified Arborists use only sustainable and eco-friendly techniques to ensure your trees get the best care in all settings. From private yards to commercial property settings, you can count on the knowledge and skill of our expert arborists to create the best maintenance and treatment plans for your North Texas trees.


About TreeNewal

TreeNewal was established by a team of expert arborists and tree health professionals. Our company strives to be your first call when you have any kind of tree care needs.

Our teams of ISA Certified Arborists have specific knowledge of the Denton area and understand the climate, weather, and hardiness of the soil. This particular expertise allows them to offer you precise and easy-to-implement guidelines to make the trees in your garden beautiful again. We take pride in being always up to date with the latest innovations and technologies in tree care. Our expertise ranges from tree nutrition to eco-friendly pest control and proper pruning.

Our Denton Tree Health Services

Our range of tree health services in Denton is always expanding and developing. We believe that each tree is unique and should receive unparalleled care, so we customize our services to your needs. Some of our Denton tree care services include:

Tree Health Assessment – Our expert arborists will assess your trees’ current condition, diagnose any disease or pest issues, and determine if stress or environmental factors are hindering the health of your trees. In the case of tree illness, we can also provide precise guidelines to promote the plant’s healing and recovery.

Tree Pruning – Most trees in gardens and landscapes need pruning to grow stronger and bigger. However, pruning is an extremely delicate process that needs to be completed with infinite care and be done properly so the tree isn’t harmed. We can help you with that!

Tree Installation – Our Denton tree health experts have been working in the area for years, and understand the particular characteristics of the area. We can help you decide on the right trees to plant, and ensure they are planted properly to give them the best chance to thrive.

Tree Removal – Sometimes a tree is just too far gone and needs to be removed, which is an extremely delicate task. Our ISA Certified Arborists are ready to guide you through this project to ensure this is done safely and effectively.

Tree Emergency Response Team – A sudden change in weather or climate conditions can cause tree branches to fall, creating safety risks and the potential for property damage. We are fully insured and are on call if you have any emergency tree service needs.

Why Choose Us

As ISA Certified Arborists and Denton tree experts, we understand that each area has peculiar characteristics that need to be considered when providing holistic tree care services.

That is why we are committed to introducing solutions that are suitable, convenient, and beautiful, as well as creating a harmonious design for anybody in Denton to enjoy.

Our Commitment To Quality

We are committed to providing Denton homeowners and property owners with excellent care and second-to-none customer service. We are a locally based team and take pride in being part of the Denton community. We are grateful for each and every customer and want to ensure every person has a great experience with our team.


For Denton tree services, call our ISA Certified Arborists. You can reach our team today for DFW tree services at 817-533-8438


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