Dallas Tree Mulching Services: Promoting Healthy Growth

Date October 09, 2023

Author TreeNewal Staff

When people use trees for landscaping, it’s common to plant them with mulch, which can provide an array of benefits for tree health as well as create a beautiful appearance within a landscape. When it’s time to mulch your trees, it’s best to hire a professional care company, such as TreeNewal, so that you receive high-quality service and expert advice about how to use mulching to enhance the health and beauty of your trees. Here’s a closer look at some of the advantages of mulching, along with ways TreeNewal can take care of the process for you.

Advantages of Mulching

Image via Flickr by charel.irrthum

There are countless advantages of mulching that can benefit your trees over time. One of the most important is that mulching helps to conserve the moisture in the soil around a tree by allowing for proper filtration and slowing the rate of evaporation. This ensures that a tree’s root system receives adequate water and oxygen. Using mulch can also improve the structure and fertility of soil, as it adds various nutrients and allows for soil to settle loosely among the mulch, rather than becoming compacted and restricting airflow and hydration.

Another important advantage of using mulch around trees is that it can protect them from damage that might occur during lawn care. Lawnmowers, weed-whackers, and other tools that people use to maintain their landscaping can harm a tree’s roots, but when there’s mulch around the base, it’s easier to avoid damaging the parts of the tree you can’t see. In the same way, mulch can prevent weeds and other invasive plants from overtaking a tree’s roots and thus reducing the amount of water and nutrients the tree receives.

TreeNewal’s Mulching Services

The team at TreeNewal offers an array of planting and mulching services. When you hire our team to complete your mulching, certified arborists will examine your trees to determine the exact type of mulch you need. Then, they’ll carefully add the mulch wherever it’s required, ensuring they use the correct additives to enrich the soil so it provides exceptional nutrients to your trees. Whether you need to replace your current mulch or want to start adding mulch to your soil for the first time, our tree doctors are ready to serve you and give your trees the pampering they deserve.

Let TreeNewal Help Your Trees Flourish

If you want to ensure your trees receive proper hydration and nutrients and protect them from unnecessary damage and illnesses, it might be time to consider adding mulch to your soil. TreeNewal can help with this, as our team of ISA certified arborists are trained in proper mulching and tree maintenance techniques. When you trust TreeNewal with your mulching, we’ll make sure to use the correct type and amount of mulch that will allow your trees to thrive. Reach out to TreeNewal today to learn more about how our tree doctors can make your mulching process easier.