Dallas Tree Inventory Services: Managing Your Urban Forest

Date October 07, 2023

Author TreeNewal Staff

City planning includes the preparation for urban forests. These zones of greenery can improve air quality, enhance community appeal, and provide a haven for the area’s small creatures. Careful design and management are necessary for these woodlands to survive. TreeNewal’s inventory services can help city planners thoughtfully map out an urban forest so that it can thrive in the harsh Dallas weather. Keep reading to learn more about this vital topic.

Why Is Planning an Urban Forest Important?

Image via Unsplash by Lukasz Szmigiel

Urban forests offer more than just something beautiful to look at. They have a huge positive impact on many aspects of the economy and environment — such as improving soil quality, reducing stormwater runoff, and providing a safe habitat for local wildlife — which makes the careful planning of these areas even more important. When planning urban forests, it is crucial to consider the current soil conditions, common weather patterns, surrounding landscaping, and maintenance needs.

Tips for Planning and Managing an Urban Forest

There are many urban forest planning tips available to help ensure the forest has a positive impact on the environment and community. This section offers a few tips to consider.

Plan for Trees From the Start

Focusing first on the specific desired trees can help planners create a flowing landscape that gives plenty of room, light, and resources to the trees. Planning for the trees from the start can prevent having to add them after other planting, which can affect not only the overall flow and look of the urban forest but also how healthy the trees and plants are. This can make the difference between having a thriving forest and one that struggles to grow.

Consider Future Growth

Thinking ahead to the future of the urban forest can help planners find ways to incorporate trees that will help the forest and surrounding environment flourish for years to come. It is important to understand how mature trees can affect walkways, roads, utility lines, buildings, and even other landscaping elements. This consideration can help planners find the right trees for the right spot.

Research Maintenance Needs

Different trees have different needs to remain healthy. Understanding what type of maintenance the urban forest may need can help planners effectively allocate personnel and financial and nutritional resources without placing a strain on their budget.

How TreeNewal’s Tree Inventory Services Can Help

TreeNewal’s inventory services can help you plan and manage your future urban forest. Our team of ISA-certified arborists has access to tree inventory information and all the essential facts about the trees you want to plant. Give us a call today to help with managing your urban forest. We look forward to helping you and your trees today.