How Grapevine Tree Services Can Improve Tree Nutrition

Date June 26, 2023

Author TreeNewal Staff

Trees are living beings that require water, sunlight, and nutrients to grow and thrive. Some trees, however, don’t get the nutrition they need naturally because they’re growing in low-quality soils and stressed conditions. Soil amendments and fertilization can be highly beneficial in these situations. Here’s how Grapevine tree services can help trees stay healthy by providing them with essential nutrients.

Why Is Tree Nutrition Important?

Image via Flickr by judy dean

Tree nutrition is important in areas such as Grapevine, Texas, that experience extreme weather and heat and often have sandy or clay soils. In these conditions, trees might not get sufficient nutrients to stay healthy. Trees deficient in vital nutrients, such as nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, iron, and manganese, can experience stunted growth and browning and yellowing of their leaves. They are also more vulnerable to disease, parasites, and insect infestation.

The Benefits of Soil Conditioning

Not all soils are ideal for growing trees. Fortunately, property owners can improve the quality of their soil by having a professional tree company perform soil conditioning. Soil conditioning is a process that improves the soil’s structure by breaking up compacted areas and increasing aeration. As a result, the soil can retain water and nutrients more effectively, and nutrients, water, and air can reach the roots better. Signs soil might need conditioning include standing water and draining too fast.

Customized Deep Root Fertilization

Another way Grapevine tree services can improve tree nutrition is with deep root fertilization. With this process, a professional collects a soil sample and tests it to check for any nutrient deficiencies. After all, each tree has different nutrition needs. Then they inject a specially formulated combination of nutrients — custom-made to meet each tree’s unique needs — into the ground near the root zone so it reaches the tree’s roots. This method is often more effective than traditional surface fertilizer applications because it ensures that the roots absorb the needed nutrients.

During the deep root fertilization process, the pressure of injecting fertilizer into the soil also provides the tree’s roots with more life-giving oxygen. Regular deep root treatments combined with soil conditioning can improve tree health long term and ward off root damage and disease before they become irreparable problems.

Don’t Forget About Routine Tree Maintenance

Other steps property owners can take to ensure that their trees receive the nutrients they need include regular trimming and pruning. Diseased, damaged, or crowded branches simply use up nutrients and energy a tree could be diverting to its healthy limbs. Professional tree trimming to remove extra branches can help trees maximize their nutrition.

Expert Help for Undernourished Trees

Some trees need a helping hand getting the nutrition they require to thrive. Soil conditioning and fertilization help give trees the nutrients they need to withstand hot Texas summers and ward off disease and insect threats. If your trees could benefit from Grapevine tree services, contact our team at TreeNewal. Our certified arborists can assess your trees’ health and help improve their nutrition so they remain strong and healthy for years to come.