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Dallas Tree Nutrition

Are your trees malnourished? Do you know if your trees are getting enough nutrients? Fertilization can be an essential part of a supplemental tree maintenance program or can help support trees under stress depending on soil conditions. We can also help you fertilize your trees in winter. TreeNewal provides the highest-quality tree fertilization services in the Dallas area. Upon our initial consultation, we will diagnose your tree given the factors that may be affecting your trees, such as stressors and the environment. Using a specialized application tool and hydro-jetting, injection points are created in circular patterns encompassing the tree’s dripline. The final step is installing the TreeNewal blended fertilizer with MitoGrow™ Pellet 3-IA product in all of the aeration points.


About TreeNewal

We help homeowners and commercial properties with a wide variety of professional tree care services. When it comes to the health of your tree, we believe in being proactive. That means making sure your trees get professional tree services such as fertilizer, tree trimming or pruning every season and as needed. There are several reasons why you may be in need of a Dallas tree fertilization service. For example, your trees may not be getting the proper nutrition, and your trees may be under some stress, given the conditions. Give us a call and let us take a look to come up with a plan for fertilizing your trees and ensuring they stay healthy and strong.

Our Dallas Tree Services

We provide a wide variety of tree services near Dallas for local homeowners and commercial properties. A few of our many Dallas tree services we offer include tree removal and fertilization. If you need this fertilization service near Dallas, our ISA Certified Arborists are here to help. We can provide the required tree nutrition and fertilization for your yard. It’s a job best left up to the experts, and you’ll love the way your trees flourish when we’re finished with the project. Our Dallas tree services include:

Tree Pruning & Trimming – We love caring for and protecting beautiful Dallas trees. Every season we are around for tree pruning and tree trimming so that we can remove any and all dead branches while keeping your trees happy, healthy, and beautiful.

Tree Doctors – Do you suspect you have sick trees? If so, our tree doctors can come to your property and for a tree health assessment to determine if your trees have a disease or are infested with fungus or tree insects. If we do discover an issue, we can provide a tree nourishment plan or provide environmentally responsible insect control to nurse your trees back to good health.

Tree Nutrition – All the trees on your property need proper nourishment to stay healthy and thrive. We’d love to give them something special that Dallas trees love. Our Dallas Certified Arborists create their own special blend of tree fertilizer custom made for Dallas area trees. Our team can also perform root aeration, which is a tree service that may be needed if your tree is oxygen-suppressed.

Tree Removal – If you need this tree removal service near Dallas, our ISA Certified Arborists are here to help. We can perform both tree removal and stump removal for you.

Emergency Tree Services – Even the healthiest trees are susceptible to storm damage. If you experience a storm with heavy winds, your trees may be uprooted and lean or even fall. When these tree emergencies occur, our Dallas arborists are able to come on-site to stabilize the situation for you.

Why Choose Us?

Healthy trees are our top priority, and we consider ourselves one of the best tree care and fertilization companies out there. We are ISA Certified Arborists; trained in proactive and preventative tree practices that help your trees grow straight and tall. Whether we’re healing sick trees or taking care of removing tree stumps from your property, we get the job done quickly and safely. Nobody knows native Dallas tree species like the people who live and work here in Northern Texas. We’ll take care of your local tree fertilization needs and are committed to being a reliable and professional Dallas tree fertilization service.

Our Commitment To Quality

We are committed to providing Dallas homeowners and property owners with excellent tree services and great customer service. We take pride in being part of the Dallas community, and it means the world to us when you feel you can rely on us to take care of all your tree fertilization and tree service needs.


For Dallas tree fertilization services, call our ISA Certified Arborists. You can reach our team today for DFW tree services at 817-533-8438

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