Arlington’s Approach to Integrated Pest Management in Trees

Date January 16, 2024

Author TreeNewal Staff

One of the biggest threats to tree health is the presence of tree pests that eat tree leaves and burrow into trunks and branches. This is why Arlington has seen a massive turn to integrated pest management to mitigate the pests that threaten the health of the city’s trees. By using specialized integrated pest management strategies, Arlington is fighting back against pests that can pose risks like decay and disease in trees. Here’s some more information about Arlington’s approach to integrated pest management in trees and the ways TreeNewal can help.

Integrated Pest Management in Arlington

Image via Unsplash by Alexander Crawley

Integrated pest management is the process of holistically treating infestations in trees using several different methods at a time. This typically includes performing tree assessments to determine the type of pest that’s present, removing nearby plants that attract pests, and adding new plants to the area that help to discourage pests from making their homes in the trees. In some cases, integrated pest management also involves applying chemical agents to trees, such as pesticides or natural solutions that prevent infestations.

The exact process for performing this type of pest management varies slightly each time, as a tree doctor will adapt their approach to the specific needs of the trees. For example, some trees in Arlington may only need pruning and physical removal of pests, especially if they don’t have signs of serious infestation. In other cases, it’s necessary to introduce predators that remove current infestations or use mechanical devices to trap large pests, such as rodents.

Benefits of Integrated Pest Management

There are several benefits of integrated pest management, such as the opportunity it gives arborists to identify pests in an area and easily monitor their progress in eradicating them. The multiple stages of integrated pest management give technicians the chance to assess progress before moving on to another method of pest control.

Since integrated pest management uses a holistic approach that looks at the health of all parts of a tree, it also helps to prevent future pests from settling in. This method includes steps such as pruning overgrown trees, installing barriers for pests, and clearing out any standing water that pests could use as drinking sources.

A main characteristic of integrated pest management is using pesticides only when completely necessary. The process also contributes to environmental preservation and the safety of residents in a community, as it reduces the amount of harmful chemicals that enter the air.

TreeNewal Is Ready To Banish Your Tree’s Pests

Integrated pest management is one of the best ways to protect an area’s trees from pests and the dangers they pose to tree health. TreeNewal is ready to help you engage in integrated pest management, whether you live in Arlington or the surrounding area. Contact us today to learn more about our insect and disease management services across North Texas. Speak with a certified arborist about how to perform effective integrated pest management on your trees. We want to banish the pests from your trees so they stay happy and healthy for years to come.