Arlington Stump Grinding Services: Clean and Efficient

Date August 18, 2023

Author TreeNewal Staff

An unhealthy tree in the yard can lead to serious damage by clogging gutters, falling on structures, and more. The solution is to fell the tree before it can cause any harm, but that leaves an unsightly stump in the yard. Stump grinding is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution for getting rid of it.

What Is Stump Grinding?

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Stump grinding is the process of destroying a tree stump with the use of a specialized machine called a grinder. The goal is to remove the visible part of the tree stump and the exposed roots, which involves grinding to a few inches below ground level. The process takes about an hour to complete, depending on the stump’s size and the spread of the exposed roots.

We consider stump grinding to be an environmentally friendly practice because it doesn’t involve chemicals, burning, or soil disturbance. Plus, the leftover ground stump material is useful as mulch, which helps preserve the soil’s moisture and improve its condition.

Why Hire Stump-Grinding Services in Arlington?

A tree stump left in the ground may seem harmless at first, but, in time, it may present hazards and other unpredicted downsides. For example:


Tree stump injuries are common in yards where children and pets run free. In the excitement of play, they may run into a stump or trip over it, causing bruises, sprains, or broken bones. Injuries happen to adults, too, often at night when visibility is low.


A stump with healthy roots may eventually regrow, leading to a few potential outcomes. It could grow into a multistemmed tree, which is more difficult to remove. The roots could take away nutrients from surrounding plants, sapping the life out of the yard. Or, if the roots grow further, they could extend into other areas of the property, causing damage.


A stump that doesn’t regrow will eventually rot, which promotes the growth of fungus or mold that can endanger your health. Mold and fungus can also spur the onset of diseases that can spread to other vegetation in the yard. Rot attracts wood-boring pests such as termites, which can cost up to $1,500 to exterminate.


Mowing the grass, furnishing the lawn, or otherwise upgrading the space is difficult with a stump in the way. It can become an increasingly annoying inconvenience.

How Stump Grinding Can Help You Reclaim Your Yard Space

Stump grinding can help you reclaim your yard by removing the core problem and preventing its return. In about an hour’s time, you can eliminate the obstacle that’s attracting pests and taking up valuable space on your property. And because the stump is shredded to below ground level, the tree is incapable of resprouting. Over time, it will naturally disintegrate, completely out of sight.

Let TreeNewal Help

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