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Have A Diseased Tree?

Do you need to save sick trees? If you have a diseased tree, our ISA Certified Arborists can help. As specially trained tree care specialists, we act as tree surgeons when we discover diseased trees by performing emergency tree pruning of affect limbs. This task helps stop tree diseases from spreading, saves sick trees, and helps bring your diseased tree back to a healthy state.


About TreeNewal

Our ISA Certified Arborists have been saving diseased trees in Argyle, TX for 15 years. We know how to save sick trees and restore tree health and can help you with your affected tree too by working as tree surgeons to remove diseased limbs. Whether you are a homeowner or commercial property, we can provide you with a variety of tree services to help your trees stay healthy all year long.

Our Tree Services

In addition to being tree surgeons who save sick trees, our ISA Certified Arborists perform a variety of tree maintenance tasks. Our tree services include:

Tree Surgeons – We save sick trees. If you have a diseased tree, we act as tree surgeons to remove infected limbs so your tree’s disease doesn’t spread. This important intervention helps restore tree health.

Tree Nutrition – Tree nutrition is an important tree maintenance task. Our ISA Certified Arborists have the perfect solution for you. We create our own special blend or tree fertilizer that we can apply to your home or commercial property’s trees. If needed, we can also perform root aeration to increase oxygen flow to oxygen-suppressed trees.

Tree Health Assessments – Maintaining tree health is important to us. We can inspect your trees to determine if they are diseased or have pest infestations. If your tree is affected, we act as tree surgeons to remove diseased limbs to stop tree diseases from spreading. And if your tree has a pest infestation, we can perform environmentally responsible insect control to remove tree pests.

Tree Pruning – Pruning your trees is an important tree maintenance task. If you need help, our Argyle, TX tree care specialists are here for you. We perform tree pruning from mid to late fall to early spring, which is the ideal time for this tree maintenance task.

Tree Removal – Do you need a tree removed? Our ISA Certified Arborists can help. We can remove your tree and perform stump removal, too, which many of our clients request if they are removing trees for property improvement projects.

Emergency Tree Services – Heavy winds and lightning strikes can cause Argyle, TX tree emergencies. If you have a storm-damaged tree or fallen tree, our tree care specialists can help. We can come to your property to stabilize the situation and remove falling limbs and trees if needed.

Why Choose Us

If you have a diseased tree, you need an ISA Certified Arborists to restore tree health. We’ve been saving sick trees in Argyle, TX for 15 years and we can help save your diseased tree, too.

Our Commitment To Quality

We want to both save your tree and provide you with excellent customer service. Our goal is to gain your trust and respect so that we become your go-to tree care specialists for all your future needed tree services.


If you have a diseased tree in Argyle, Texas, you need our tree care specialists to help you. Call our ISA Certified Arborists who save sick trees today at 817-533-8438


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