We Prevent Oak Wilt

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We Prevent Oak Wilt

As an oak tree owner, we understand that tree health is important to you. After all, you want to enjoy these majestic trees for years to come. As you know, oak trees are susceptible to a tree disease called oak wilt, which requires infected oak trees to be removed in order to prevent the spread of this tree disease. Our ISA-certified arborists prevent oak wilt tree disease by only trimming trees in season (unless there’s an emergency), and applying tree dressing or paint to all off-season tree pruning or tree wound sites.


About TreeNewal

At TreeNewal, we’re a tree care company that loves the Argyle landscape. Our ISA-certified arborists, who have additional education in tree health and providing tree services – have been taking care of trees in Argyle for 15 years. We love this community and are a part of it.

Our Tree Services

As an Argyle tree care company, we’re proud to offer homeowners and property managers with a wide range of tree services for their oak trees and other trees on their properties. Our tree services include:

Oak Wilt Prevention – We want to save your trees from contracting oak wilt tree disease. To do so, we only prune trees in season unless there’s an emergency. We also apply tree dressing or paint to any off-season tree pruning or tree wound sites.

Tree Nutrition – Your oak trees need to be nourished properly to grow and thrive for generations. To help, our ISA-certified arborists have created a special blend of tree fertilizer, which is certain to promote proper tree nutrition.

Tree Health Assessments –In addition to oak wilt, oak trees can contract other tree diseases or become infested with pests. Our ISA-certified arborists are trained at performing tree health assessments, diagnosing issues, and coming up with treatment plans.

Tree Pruning – Tree trimming in the early spring is a must for Argyle trees. Proper tree pruning promotes good tree health and keeps trees looking beautiful.

Tree Installation – We can help you design your landscape by installing new trees. Whether you want to plant new trees or transfer existing ones, our ISA-certified arborists can lend their expertise to the task.

Tree RemovalWhether you need to remove an oak tree with oak wilt, or you need to remove a tree for another reason, we can perform tree removal and stump removal, too.

Tree Emergency Response Team – Do you have a tree that is falling or has branches that are falling? If so, you have a tree emergency! We can help by stabilizing the situation to make sure the people and structures on your property are safe.

Why Choose Us

Oak wilt is a dangerous tree disease. As ISA-certified arborists, we have the knowledge to protect tree health when pruning trees in season and treating trees with off-season pruning sites or tree wound sites. We’ve been doing exactly this for 15 years.

Our Commitment To Quality

We love trees – especially oak trees – but we love their owners even more. We want to provide you with both excellent tree care and customer service. We want to become your trusted arborists for all your future tree services needs.


To prevent oak wilt, trust the Argyle tree care experts. Call our ISA-certified arborists today at 817-533-8438.

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