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Fertilization is an important part of a supplemental tree maintenance program.

Whether you’re new to TreeNewal or you’ve been with us since the beginning, we hope you know that we are proud to be a Southlake area expert tree service, and we are passionate about partnering with our neighbors in Southlake to save your trees. We want to help Southlake property owners like you take care of all your tree concerns – big and small. It’s important to us because we know your trees are important to you. 2020 was a challenging year for many of our neighbors, and not everyone had the funds to spend on tree care. Here’s a story we’d like to share that illustrates that reality and tells you a little about who we are as a company:


David's Story

Around the middle of last year, TreeNewal President David Gaona visited Bible Missionary Church with a friend and noticed several Live Oak trees in front of his friend’s church that desperately needed to be pruned. Out of concern for the trees’ health, David questioned why they weren’t adequately tended to. His friend explained that the Bible Missionary Church is small and doesn’t have the budget for tree care. That didn’t sit well with David because, like all the team members at TreeNewal, David genuinely believes in TreeNewal’s vision to make a difference by saving trees.

The beginning of the year had been slow for TreeNewal, so David had already been paying his employees to do work at his church, 121 Community Church in Grapevine, because he knew his team members needed the work and the paychecks. He asked his team to take care of the trees at Bible Missionary Church as well. Like the work at his church, TreeNewal ate the cost of the labor.

Despite a slow start, TreeNewal finished the year strong, leaving us with even higher expectations for 2021. But before we kick the old year to the curb and launch into the new year, here are some 2020 reflections from David:

What Are Some Challenges You And TreeNewal Faced In 2020, How Did You Overcome Them?

“The biggest challenge we had was that we had hopes and goals for 2020, and then COVID-19 hit. There were so many unknowns. The first being: Were we eaven going to be able to work? As it turned out, we were considered an essential business, so we were able to work. Then our challenge became: How do we give our employees confidence that everything is going to be OK? The exciting and beautiful thing about 2020, and all its uncertainties, was that it forced us to face one day at a time and be thankful for what we do have. I thank God for giving me a sense of peace and security that, no matter what happens, we’re going to be OK. I’m doing my best to convey that to my employees. I want them to feel confident both for themselves and for their families. I think that was probably one of the biggest challenges. We were trying to reassure our employees and also our customers.

We wanted our customers to know that we were following guidelines and trying to keep them safe. In 2020, people’s yards suddenly became very important because they were staying home more. We found that people were doing more projects, including things with their yards, landscaping, and trees. We had several customers who wanted to have their trees trimmed because they were having an outdoor birthday party or even weddings in their backyard, so they needed to make their properties look better for those types of celebrations. Being able to help them and also reassure them that we cared about their safety and were following all the health guidelines was a major part of navigating 2020.”

We're Here For You

We hope these stories illustrate the value we have for our team members and our customers. We believe that if we take care of our team members, we empower them to empower their communities. When you need us, we’re ready to dig in and get our hands dirty to maximize the health and beauty of your Southlake area trees.

If you have concerns about your tree’s health and are searching for professional tree care or a certified arborist to answer some questions, you’ve come to the right place. We can handle your tree care needs in any part of your tree’s life cycle – from planting to mature tree care to stump removal. TreeNewal is a Tree Service LLC with three ISA Certified Arborists on staff and a team of highly qualified tree care experts. We offer tree services such as:

Tree Trimming & Removal – One of the best proactive measures you can take with your trees is routine pruning and trimming. It helps create a strong structure and maintains the overall health and beauty of your tree. It also removes potential safety hazards from your property. You must use proper modern techniques when trimming or removing branches, so we recommend contacting a certified arborist tree service for this tricky task.

Air-spade And Aeration – Healthy trees have healthy roots, but it can be challenging to check on a tree’s roots, given that they’re underground. An air-spade allows arborists to safely and effectively clear the soil away from the tree’s base to analyze the root flare without harming the tree. If you need an arborist to diagnose your tree’s health, give us a call..

Tree Nutrition – Like all living things, trees need the proper nutrients to grow healthy and strong, but different trees require different things. Our arborists can determine if your trees are receiving the proper nutrients they need through an on-site consultation. We’ll work with you to choose a supplemental tree maintenance program designed with your tree in mind.

Insect Management – North Central Texas is crawling with insects that could harm the health of your trees. Preventative measures that stop insect infestations before they start is the best approach. If you think your tree already has an insect problem, call us immediately.

Disease And Fungus Management – Do you think your tree is sick? There are things you can do to bolster the health of your tree to prevent illness or fungus. If you believe your tree already has an issue, call us as soon as possible so our arborists can diagnose your tree and determine a customized tree care program to nurse your tree back to full health..


If your tree needs assistance in any of these areas, a local tree arborist from our team would be happy to answer your questions or make a visit to your property to address any serious concerns. Our certified tree experts are the best in the industry. Connect with our team today to discuss your tree health questions or concerns. Give us a call at (817) 533-8439 for more information.


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