4 Things to Look for in a Tree Care Service

Date July 31, 2023


Author TreeNewal Staff

Do you have one or more trees on your residential property? Regardless of how much you love trees, get a professional to handle them instead of attempting to do it yourself. Trees may be durable and strong, but they’re also fragile as they can get sick and need regular trimming. When you need high quality tree trimming, removal, planting, or other services, here are some things to look for in a professional.

1. Service Options

There’s a lot of work that goes into taking care of a tree. There are different types of species of trees and they all need some type of pruning or trimming. To keep your home safe, you may need to have a tree removed from your property thanks to overgrown roots.The more tree care services your professional can provide, the better. If they offer several services, you’re less likely to have to call several different arborists onto your property for the same tree.

2. Legal Credentials

Always check for legal certification such as a license and bond. An arborist has specialized training that allows them to deal with different species of trees. So make sure you find somebody who has the legal qualifications in the state to work on your property and handle the trees with care.

3. Insurance

Accidents can happen to the most careful professional. After all, tree care can be dangerous work. Arborists often have to work with sharp tools like chainsaws, axes, or stump grinders. In case of a fall or other injury while handling your tree, insurance can at least ensure they get the medical care they deserve, without holding you liable.

4. Good Reviews

What do other clientele think of your potential arborist’s work? The reviews may note high quality tree trimming. Were tree stumps successfully ground down? Did they prevent customers’ trees from getting sick and dying? Did they always show up on time and with a good attitude? Use reviews on sites like Yelp, Trustpilot, and Reddit to assess the level of professionalism and quality customer care your tree care professional has.

The market size of the Tree Trimming Services industry will increase by 2.2% this year, according to IBIS World. This statistic shows how important tree trimming is when it comes to other homeowners that have such vegetation. So if you’re looking for high quality tree trimming and other arborist services, our team is ready to help. Call our office for more information.