3 Ways Trees Affect Our Planet

Date February 27, 2023

Author TreeNewal Staff

One of the clear benefits of tree fertilization is that it keeps trees healthy and nourished. Healthy trees are essential to life as we know it on this planet. Understanding how trees affect the planet will help you better understand why tree fertilization is so important.


1. Trees Produce Oxygen and Filter the Air


Trees act as lungs for the atmosphere. They expel oxygen while filtering carbon out of the air. Healthy trees absorb toxins from the air and through photosynthesis, put oxygen back into the air. According to Science.org, there are over three trillion trees on the planet. That’s only half as many as there were when human civilization arose. About 15 billion trees are being lost each year to toilet paper, timber, farm expansion, and more. Taking care of the trees we have left is vital. With fertilization, trees can grow strong and healthy.


2. Trees Reduce Erosion


A full-grown tree can intercept about 10,000 gallons of rainwater before it touches the ground. The roots of trees help to keep the soil in place. In a time when we have seen more catastrophic floods than at any other time in history, the importance of trees and the role they play in reducing erosion is profound. Trees reduce the runoff that makes it into sewers, which helps to protect streams, rivers, and other water bodies. They play an essential role in water quality and erosion control.


3. Trees Are Home for Some Animals


Each animal on the planet plays a key role in the ecosystem. Trees provide shelter for many species of animals. When you think of a tree, you likely think of birds, but birds are not the only animals to call a tree home. An array of animals depend on trees to make a home. Without trees, the ecosystem would be severely upset. Healthy trees are a must to support the ecosystem.


All The Other Wonderful Things Trees Do


Trees play a major role in our climate. They act as a windbreak and protect structures, improve energy efficiency, and manage humidity levels. The benefits of tree fertilization are that we can improve tree growth and enjoy all the benefits that trees bring to the planet.


These were just a few ways trees affect our planet. If you’re looking to maintain your trees and keep them around for a long time, consider tree fertilization. Our team at TreeNewal can provide your trees with the necessary nutrients. Contact us today to get started!