What are leaf spots?

Date July 14, 2023

Author TreeNewal Staff

Why do leaf spots occur, how do they affect the health and functionality of trees, and what can be done to control and mitigate their damaging effects? Join us as Wes Rivers will explain these questions in-depth.

TreeNewal‘s VP of Operations, Wes Rivers, shares his expertise on diagnosing, managing, and preventing leaf spot diseases.

Key Points Covered:

  • Identifying Intimosporium leaf spot: Wes explains the characteristics of Intimosporium leaf spot, its effects on specific plants like the red tip botania shrub, and how it leads to defoliation.
  • Understanding the impact on trees: Wes highlights the consequences of leaf spots, such as compromised screening functions and energy depletion due to continuous leaf drop.
  • Controlling and preventing leaf spot diseases: The discussion explores strategies for managing leaf spots, emphasizing the importance of involving an ISA certified arborist and following a comprehensive plan.

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