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Westlake, TX Tree Trimming

Did you know that all trees need tree cutting every year? Annual tree trimming is needed for a few reasons. First, tree cutting helps to ensure that your trees are properly pruned so they will grow and thrive healthily for years to come. Second, when we remove limbs, we trim branches that may be diseased or damaged, making your trees safer for the people and structures on your property. Finally, tree cutting helps make your trees look more aesthetically appealing and add curb appeal to your property.


About TreeNewal

At TreeNewal, we’re ISA-certified arborists. This means we have specialized training and experience to provide a wide array of tree services, including knowing when to trim trees in the proper season so that they aren’t susceptible to tree disease or pest infestations. We’re in the tree business because we love the Westlake landscape and the trees that grow here. We also have 15+ years of caring for trees in the Westlake area, so we’re familiar with all the species that grow in our city, and their specific and seasonal tree trimming needs.

Why Do You Need Our Tree Trimming Services?

TreeNewal is a complete, professional tree services company serving Westlake, TX homeowners and property managers. Among the services we provide include:

  • Westlake, TX Tree Trimming – Most trees in our area need to be trimmed in late spring or early summer. But there are exceptions. If your tree has diseased, fallen, or broken limbs, it needs to be professionally trimmed immediately, regardless of the time of year.


  • Tree Maintenance – Besides tree cutting, trees need a variety of tree maintenance throughout the year. One of the tree services we provide is tree nutrition to ensure your trees are well-nourished all year-round.


  • Tree Installation – Some people make planting new trees or moving existing ones a weekend chore. Unfortunately, without extensive knowledge of tree planting and tree species, trees may die when they are planted or transferred. Our ISA-certified arborists can do the job for you,


  • Tree Removal – We understand that sometimes trees need to be removed. Maybe you have a tree that is leaning, or maybe you want to add an addition to your home or extend your patio or deck and there’s a tree in the way. Whatever your unique need, we provide professional tree removal services to Westlake homeowners and property managers.


  • Tree Emergency Response Team – Storms with heavy winds or tornadoes can damage trees and cause immediate safety risks to the people and structures on your property. If you have a tree emergency, call us and we’ll quickly mobilize our tree emergency response team to your location.

Why Choose Us

When you choose TreeNewal, you see the arborist difference in your landscape. We’re specially trained to care for your trees and have more than 15 years of doing just that in Westlake, Texas.

Our Commitment to Quality

While we love trees, we love providing excellent customer service even more. You can expect the ISA-certified arborist who comes to your property to be professional, friendly, and have a smile on his or her face.

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