Our ISA Certified Arborists Provide Tree Surveys in Westlake

Explore how our Certified Arborists help builders, developers, and property owners with Westlake tree surveys and commercial tree services.

What Are Tree Location Surveys?

Tree location surveys are an extensive inspection of trees on a building site plan. They identify desirable or significant trees, documenting their location, tree health condition, and value. This information helps to determine which trees are subject to removal or will be preserved on the site. Westlake requires a tree location survey completed by a Certified Arborist before development applications or tree removal permits can be approved.   


About TreeNewal

TreeNewal is committed to helping property owners with the success of their development projects and ensuring the sustainability of healthy, protected trees in Westlake , TX. TreeNewal’s ISA Certified Arborists are specifically trained to perform commercial tree services, including tree surveys. When you need an official tree survey for your construction project, our team comes to your property to collect all the necessary data and documentation. This information informs which trees are protected by law and which we recommend preserving based on their aesthetic value.   

Westlake Commercial Tree Services

Our tree care experts are here to provide the best commercial tree care for homeowners in Westlake , TX. Some of our tree care services include:

Westlake Tree Location Surveys before development can begin, Westlake requires an ISA Certified Arborist to perform a tree location survey according to specifications like existing canopy coverage, size, location, and species outlined in its urban forestry ordinance. 

Commercial Tree Removalduring your tree location survey, our Certified Arborist collects field data mapping out tree location, tagging, and assessing tree health. If a tree is dying, diseased, decaying, or infested and must be removed, we can provide commercial tree removal services.  

Proactive Construction Solutions Westlake requires measures to be implemented during construction to preserve protected trees remaining on the site. Our ISA Certified Arborists can oversee construction to ensure all activities comply with Westlake tree regulations. 

Commercial Tree Services after construction, we offer commercial tree services like tree trimming, tree pruning, tree nutrition, and more to ensure the sustainability and longevity of Westlake trees.  

Why Treenewal?

TreeNewal’s ISA Certified Arborists work closely with Westlake officials and property developers to comply with and navigate Westlake tree preservation. Our DFW tree care specialists understand all the requirements and details to ensure a successful development project. Our team specializes in tree verification, tree tagging, and diagnosing tree health, and we have been performing property development tree surveys in Westlake for over 15 years. In addition to tree surveys, we assist property owners with tree mitigation, complying with tree preservation during construction, and offer commercial tree services to ensure Westlake community forests are healthy and sustainable. 

Our Commitment to Tree Health

We’re proud to provide commercial tree care services to homeowners in Westlake, TX. Our commitment to excellence goes beyond how we care for your trees – we also offer industry-leading service experiences for all our customers. Feel confident trusting TreeNewal for all your commercial tree care services.

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When you need the best commercial tree care services in Westlake, know that our ISA Certified Arborists are perfect for the job. Call us at 817-533-8438 for the best tree care services in Westlake, TX.

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