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Think You Have Tree Disease?

Did you know that tree leaf spots are often the first warning sign that a tree is suffering from a tree disease? When your tree is diseased, our ISA-Certified Arborists will assess tree health and remove the affected limbs to prevent further limb loss. We can do this quickly and efficiently to save your tree from tree disease and additional limb loss.

About TreeNewal

At TreeNewal, we provide a full range of tree maintenance services to Argyle homeowners and property managers. Our founder, Jorge, is an ISA-Certified Arborist who started our company because of his deep love for the North Texas landscape. Growing up, Jorge’s dad worked in the local landscaping business, so he developed an instant love of the outdoors. Today, he and his team use their love for North Texas trees and maintaining proper tree health to serve as Argyle tree doctors, tree surgeons, and provide a wide array of tree maintenance services.

Our Services

In addition to assessing tree health and treating trees that have tree disease, we offer a full range of tree maintenance services. These include:
Our service offerings include:

Tree Maintenance – Planting a new tree or moving an existing one isn’t exactly the best do-it-yourself task. We know how to plant new trees and move existing ones in a proper manner so they will take root and grow healthily.

Tree Doctors – We treat diseased trees so that we can prevent your trees from suffering further limb loss.

Tree Surgeons – Sometimes trees need to be trimmed out of season because they have dead or diseased limbs that are posing a safety hazard to the people and structures on your property. In these instances, we remove dangerous limbs carefully to keep everyone and everything safe.

Tree Emergency Response Team – Trees can be easily damaged by storms or lightning strikes. If you have a tree that’s posing an imminent threat, we can be at your property immediately to either remove damaged limbs or remove the tree entirely depending on your unique situation and safety needs.

Tree Installation – Planting new trees is both an art and science. Whether you want to plant a sapling or transfer a tree from one location to another, we can provide this professional service.

Tree Removal – Trees can’t last forever. Sometimes trees need to be removed because they’re safety hazards, or because they are in the way of home or property improvement projects such as additions to your structures or extended patios or decks. If you need a tree removed, we can do it.

Why Choose Us

At TreeNewal, we have 15+ years of experience caring for North Texas trees. We know this landscape well, and our ISA-Certified Arborists are ready to help you with all your tree maintenance needs.

Our Commitment To Quality

Our priorities are safety, customer satisfaction, and tree health. We want to make sure the people and structures on your property are safe, that we exceed your expectations, and that we do everything possible to keep your trees healthy and strong for years to come.


If you see tree leaf spots or have another reason to suspect tree disease, we can help. Call us to assess tree health at (817) 533-8438.


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