Southlake’s Guide to Proactive Construction Solutions for Trees

Date February 02, 2024

Author TreeNewal Staff

Before starting construction in Southlake, Texas, home and commercial property owners should consider how to protect the trees. Tree preservation has immense benefits, such as increasing property value and reducing air pollution. At TreeNewal, we’re committed to providing proactive construction solutions in Southlake to protect the health and vitality of the city’s trees.

Why Is Tree Preservation Important for Construction?

Image via Pexels by PhotoMIX Company

Southlake is known for its walkable neighborhoods and tree-lined streets that provide shade on hot Texas days. Considering trees when planning construction projects is important to preserve the city’s small-town charm and attractive environment.

In addition to keeping Southlake a desirable place to live, tree preservation during construction benefits the city in other ways. Trees can have the following benefits in urban areas:

  • They remove carbon dioxide and reduce pollution.
  • They moderate air temperatures and minimize reliance on air conditioning.
  • They increase property values.
  • They connect people to nature.

Consider Trees Before Construction

Homeowners and developers should take proactive steps to preserve trees before starting construction on their properties. The first step is determining which trees to preserve and which to remove, if any. TreeNewal arborists can survey a property to check the health and condition of existing trees. Our ISA-certified arborists will assess forested areas and recommend which trees to save.

We can also apply tree fertilization before construction to promote the growth of trees on a property. We use a blended fertilizer that continually nourishes trees for up to one year, stimulating their root growth and increasing their resilience to construction disturbance.

Protect Trees During Construction

After identifying which trees to preserve, creating a barrier to protect them during construction is crucial. Depending on the species and condition, this barrier should extend to the tree’s dripline or beyond to shield the roots from digging or construction equipment that may cause damage. It should also include a tarp to cover any exposed roots. Our tree experts can advise how to create a barrier and protect trees during construction.

While construction occurs, property owners should instruct crew members not to use heavy machinery around protected trees. Crews should limit traffic around trees and avoid parking construction vehicles underneath them.

Care for Trees After Construction

Once construction is complete, property owners should monitor the trees to check for signs of distress. Trees may become damaged during construction, even with proactive solutions in place. At TreeNewal, we provide post-construction assessments to check for damage. Property owners should also be alert to potential signs of tree decline, such as the following:

  • Smaller leaves.
  • Leaf or needle drop.
  • Early fall coloration and premature dropping.
  • Dieback of twigs and branches.

If these signs appear, homeowners should call TreeNewal as soon as possible. We can assess the damage and develop a treatment plan to mitigate the decline.

Taking proactive measures during construction in Southlake is essential to preserve the health and future growth of trees on a property. Schedule a pre-construction assessment by contacting us online or calling us at 817-329-2450.