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Southlake Tree Trimming Services

Trees are enormous living things that must be properly maintained in order for them to survive. Many people believe that trees can survive on their own and will neglect to give them the care they need.

Like garden plants and flowers, trees need nutrients, water, and sunlight to survive. What’s more, is that trees also need to be regularly trimmed to promote optimal health and growth.

TreeNewal has built a strong reputation for providing cutting-edge tree services for property owners in Southlake. If you want to learn more about our services, continue reading below for more information.


Why Is Trimming Important?

When you think of trimming your trees, think of keeping your hair tidy. If you desire to grow out your hair, you have to trim it to remove damaged hair, improve its shape, and foster healthy growth.

In the same way, trimming a tree is vital to ensuring that it reaches its full potential. Trees that aren’t regularly trimmed run the risk of their limbs growing too large. This can result in damaged limbs that can fall and destroy nearby property, as well as endanger the lives of pets and people.

Our trimming services are designed to keep your trees growing at a sufficient length. This way, the trees on your property can stay healthy throughout the year.

Tree Trimming Services

When you give us a call, we make it our mission to render the best tree trimming services in Southlake. Our ISA-certified arborists have a deep understanding of the native trees of the North Texas region.

This means we are qualified to provide expert judgment and proper tree trimming services. Excessive trimming can damage a tree and make it more vulnerable to pests and diseases.

We practice effective trimming techniques based on the type of trees you have located on your property.

Tree Emergency Response Team

Rainfall is quite common in the North Texas region. Strong winds, combined with rain can cause deceased and decaying trees to fall and wreak havoc. At TreeNewal, we understand the impact this can have on your property and the lives of your loved ones and neighbors.

This is why we pride ourselves on having the best tree emergency response team. Emergencies can happen at any time and cause serious damage that you will likely be liable for.

Our team is specially trained to navigate emergencies to lessen its impact on everything and everyone involved.

Tree Maintenance Services

Like garden flowers, trees need constant maintenance to both survive and thrive in their environment. Growing the right trees simply isn’t enough to make sure it will achieve optimal growth.

You’ll need a proven professional to keep an eye on your trees to track their progress and make adjustments based on their growth patterns. We provide comprehensive maintenance services to give you peace of mind knowing that your trees are being taken care of.

Tree Removal Services

Trees can weigh at a minimum a few hundred pounds to several tons. When they die, they become a significant safety risk. If you notice any trees on your property that are decaying, it’s best to remove them as soon as possible.

Our team specializes in identifying the characteristics of dying or diseased trees. We can help you safely remove these trees to eliminate the safety risk and help you avoid the massive liability of property damage and personal harm.

Tree Installation Services

Planting a tree is an extensive process that’s best left up to a professional. Depending on the type of tree being planted, you will need to understand its ideal soil condition, climate, and size.

In addition to our tree installation services, we work with all of our clients to help them identify the best trees to plant. We also educate our clients on their growing conditions to ensure they are making the best decision that will impact their properties.

About Treenewal

TreeNewal is a premier tree services company operating in Southlake, Texas. Our team has several decades of combined experience in arboriculture, with our arborists being ISA-certified.

This proves that our arborists have a mastery of all aspects of tree-related work and consultation. Being a full-service tree company, we will not only perform high-quality work on your behalf, but we also guide you on making the right decisions.


If you want to move forward with receiving excellent tree services, then you’ve come to the right place. Give us a call today at (817)533-8439 to learn more about how we can help you.

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