Signs Your Tree Needs an Arborist’s Attention

Date October 03, 2023

Author TreeNewal Staff

To maintain a tree’s health and beauty, it’s important to notice signs that it may need care. While there are many ways to care for trees personally, some circumstances call for a professional arborist’s intervention. By hiring a professional tree care company like TreeNewal, homeowners can ensure their trees get the care and service they need to thrive. Here are some common signs that a tree needs an arborist’s attention.

Visible Pests or Diseases

Image via Unsplash by Vinu T

Trees can often attract pests, like aphids and other types of insects. They can also be susceptible to tree diseases, such as root rot and hardwood decay. If there are pests or signs of disease on one or more trees, it’s time to call a certified arborist. A professional tree care company such as TreeNewal can provide insect and disease management treatments that rid trees of infestation and strengthen them to promote growth.

Dead or Broken Limbs

Sometimes, tree limbs become weakened or broken, causing them to die. When this occurs, it’s important to hire an arborist to evaluate the tree, as broken or dead branches can become potential hazards, especially if inclement weather occurs. Instead of leaving them to fall off, homeowners can hire a tree care company to trim the damaged tree and remove dead limbs to prevent further weakening and falling hazards.

Damage From Weather

Another sign that it’s time to hire an arborist is if a tree experiences weather damage. Especially in areas that experience frequent storms, it’s crucial to act quickly when a tree is damaged due to weather. Signs of this can include branches that break off, bends in the trunk, and cuts in any part of the tree that result from lightning strikes or flying debris.

Homeowners should call an arborist right away if they see any of these signs. Then, they can help prevent further damage, such as weakened limbs or the potential for insects or diseases to set in where there are cuts.

Cracks in the Trunk or Branches

While they can sometimes be harmless, a crack in the trunk or branches of a tree indicates potential underlying issues. For instance, cracks that run vertically through a tree’s trunk can suggest that it’s weak and may have the potential to collapse. If large cracks run vertically or horizontally on a tree’s branches or trunk, call an arborist. They’ll evaluate the tree to determine how severe the problem is and perform whatever trimming may be necessary. This can protect its integrity so it can keep on growing strongly.

Hire TreeNewal To Save Your Trees

These are a few tree care signs you can pay attention to in order to determine when it’s time to hire a professional arborist. Are your trees in need of some love? Reach out to our team at TreeNewal, and one of our certified arborists will come help you with whatever you need. With options for pest control, soil conditioning, and tree trimming and removal, TreeNewal is prepared to get your trees back in great shape so you can continue to enjoy them for years to come.