Preserving Westlake’s Natural Beauty: The Role of Professional Tree Trimming Services in Maintaining a Healthy Urban Forest

Date June 09, 2023

Author TreeNewal Staff

Westlake residents are lucky to live in such a charming town, and it wouldn’t be like it is without the help of expert arborists. Its beautiful forest landscapes improve both environmental health and the quality of life for those who live there. In this blog, discover more about how professional tree-trimming services help maintain these healthy urban forests.

What Is an Urban Forest?

Image via Pexels by Pixaby

Locals don’t have to leave the Dallas area to enjoy the woods. According to the United States Forest Service, there are more than 140 million acres of forests in America. Examples of every size include public parks, tree-lined boulevards, private gardens, and nature preserves. Each one forms an infrastructure of green spaces that the community depends upon.

Why Are Green Spaces Important?

A 2020 report by Statista indicated that more than 82% of Americans live in a city. This is why it’s so essential to maintain healthy urban forests. Westlake’s forests provide residents with numerous benefits, including better air quality, as trees naturally filter pollutants from the air. The shade they provide also reduces radiant heat. Even the stormwater absorbed by saplings helps to decrease flood levels and erosion.
Urban forests also provide habitats for wildlife and a backdrop of beautiful greenery amidst the concrete. When planted strategically, they lessen noise, spur community revitalization, and provide a place for people to socialize and enjoy outdoor recreation.

What Makes Tree Trimming Services Essential?

Tree trimming is essential to preserve and enhance Westlake’s urban forests. Without routine care, these green spaces wouldn’t thrive. One of the critical services tree care experts provides is trimming and pruning mature and newly planted trees.
Pruning is also vital for maintaining a tree’s health and structural integrity. Proper trimming techniques maintain the tree’s aesthetic appeal, promote healthy growth, and prevent disease. They also reduce the risk of tree-related hazards by removing overgrown branches obstructing sidewalks, roadways, and power lines. Another important consideration is tree removal. There are times when it’s necessary to remove a tree to protect public safety or during an emergency. For example, when storms cause downed or damaged trees, prompt action is needed to address the situation and quickly minimize any damage

How Can Residents Help?

Citizens of Westlake can join the cause by reaching out to professional tree trimmers for help maintaining the landscape on private properties. Even these trees must receive the care they need, including regular pruning, fertilizing, and watering. While many homeowners can tackle the basics, expert arborists know when, where, and how best to care for all species of trees.
Residents can also encourage local government officials to prioritize urban forests in city planning and development projects and help educate other residents. In addition, they can share information about proper tree care practices with their friends, neighbors, and community members or volunteer with an organization to show their dedication to urban forest management.
Contribute to a healthy urban forest by contacting the Westlake tree pruning experts at TreeNewal for assistance. Their professional tree trimmers will help you maintain your trees, protecting people and property from related mishaps.