Plant Care Health Services: The Key to Healthy North Texas Landscapes

Date February 12, 2023


Author TreeNewal Staff

If you’re like most people, you probably think of your trees as long-term investments. They add beauty and value to your property and provide many benefits like shade, air filtration, and reduced electricity bills. As they grow, your trees may look tough enough to handle even the harshest conditions. However, regardless of their size and stature, all trees in North Texas landscapes need care and attention to ensure they stay healthy and thriving. One of the best ways to do that is through proactive plant health services. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the key benefits of plant health care services and what they can do for your landscape.

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What Are Plant Health Care Services? 

Plant health care is a holistic, proactive approach to caring for and managing trees and shrubs. Instead of waiting for problems or symptoms to present themselves, plant health care programs are developed to actively address your landscape’s needs through routine monitoring and preventative treatments. This comprehensive tree care method results in improved plant health, appearance, and ability to withstand future stressors.

Why Do North Texas Trees Need Plant Health Care Services? 

Trees growing in forests have everything they need to thrive. As leaves fall to the ground and decompose, they enrich the soil with valuable nutrients and leave it healthy and undisturbed. However, trees in residential landscapes do not have the same luxuries. Construction and foot traffic leaves the soil with few nutrients, and trees and shrubs become vulnerable to various environmental pressures. TreeNewal ISA Certified Arborist plant health care programs address these challenges in five key ways:

Maintaining Healthy Soil 

Dallas/Fort Worth homeowners take pride in their lawns, cleaning up fallen leaves and twigs to keep their landscape pristine. While this improves curb appeal, it also removes vital nutrients from reaching the soil. In addition, trees in North Texas landscapes compete with grass and nearby plants for water and nutrients. As part of your plant health care program, TreeNewal tree doctors will perform professional tree fertilization and soil conditioning to give your plants the essential nutrients they’re missing. With the help of soil testing, our Dallas plant health specialists can formulate a custom fertilizer blend tailored to your trees’ needs.

Restoring Tree Health 

Spending time outside, playing fetch with the dog, or tag with the family are several ways North Texans enjoy the outdoors. However, this foot traffic adds up and can lead to soil compaction, which restricts root growth. Plant health care addresses these concerns through mulching, soil conditioning, and air spading, breaking up the soil and protecting plant roots long-term.

Managing Tree Roots

Healthy roots lead to healthy plants and keep your tree stable.  As tree roots grow, they require nutrients, water, and oxygen. Ensure your plants and property are safe by improving root system development through custom deep root fertilization, root stimulators, plant growth regulators, proper watering, and tree root aeration.

Protect Your Trees from Insects and Diseases 

North Texas tree insects and diseases are ready and waiting to take advantage of weakened trees. If left unchecked, pests and fungal diseases can irreparably damage your plants, causing them to decline and die. Regular tree health assessments performed by a professional tree doctor can help quickly diagnose and treat insect and disease problems before they can wreak havoc on your landscape.

Treatment and Prevention 

North Texas landscape plants take quite a hit from local wildlife, lawnmowers, and construction. These activities can cause external damage to the tree trunk and root system. Open wounds are the perfect opportunities for pathogens and pests to enter and attack your tree. Avoid this damage by treating injuries and trimming broken or diseased limbs as part of your routine tree maintenance and plant health care program to ensure the greatest return on your green investments.

Certified Tree Experts 

When it comes to caring for your trees, you need a team of ISA Certified Arborists and Dallas plant health specialists to help you develop a customized plan that addresses the needs of your trees and shrubs. TreeNewal ISA Certified Arborists can visit your property throughout the seasons to inspect your trees and provide them with swift and effective treatment when needed.

TreeNewal tree care services go beyond treating insects, diseases, and nutrient deficiencies, taking actions to improve your landscape’s quality long-term. Our team is committed to protecting customer investments and promoting the health and sustainability of North Texas trees. We’ll help you develop a comprehensive plant health care plan based on your trees’ needs and goals to ensure the lasting health of your landscape. Call (817) 592-6846 to get started!