Our Certified Arborist Offer Tree Surveys & Assist with Tree Mitigation Services in Flower Mound

TreeNewal helps builders, developers, and property owners comply with Flower Mound tree preservation ordinances.

What is Tree Mitigation?

Tree Mitigation is the compensation for removing protected trees from a construction site. All cities have tree preservation plans and ordinances to help protect and ensure the sustainability of community forests. As part of the tree preservation plan, cities require tree mitigation to restore the site’s green space. The specific regulations for protected tree removal and mitigation vary from city to city. As a sustainable tree care company, TreeNewal offers tree mitigation services to protect existing trees, minimize compliance costs, and assist property owners with meeting local tree preservation ordinances.


About TreeNewal

Our Certified Arborists play a significant role in assisting homeowners, developers, and commercial businesses in facilitating Flower Mound tree preservation and mitigation requirements. Trees are impacted through removals, damage, compaction, trenching, excavation, and other site activities. We also offer proactive tree services that will enhance the sustainability of trees kept on the property. TreeNewal is dedicated to educating customers about the importance of tree mitigation, helping to lower mitigation fees, and navigating Flower Mound’s tree preservation ordinances.  

How Does Flower Mound Tree Mitigation Work?

The Flower Mound tree preservation ordinance protects native and established trees within the town and preserves its country atmosphere and natural environment, which defines its unique community and character.

  • All protected trees in commercial and residential building lots, oil and gas pad sites, and development sites must comply with Flower Mound mitigation requirements.
  • Any person removing a protected tree on the site is responsible for replacing it with a sufficient number of the tree(s) on the same lot based on the size and quality of the removed tree.
  • If conditions make planting on the lot unfeasible, the town will designate acceptable reforestation sites.
  • Replacement tree species must be listed on the Flower Mound approved mitigation and replacement tree planting list.
  • With the tree preservation officer or authorized party’s approval, property owners can make a payment to the Flower Mound Reforestation Fund instead of providing a replacement tree.
  • The tree mitigation cost is calculated based on the per-caliper-inch cash value of both the removed tree(s) and the current value of replacement trees.

Tree surveys must accompany applications and tree removal permits. To preserve trees during construction, Flower Mound requires fencing and regulations prohibiting certain construction-related activities. Our ISA Certified Arborist can provide tree surveys and assist developers to comply with Flower Mound tree ordinances during construction. We also offer proactive tree care services to ensure the sustainability of existing and newly planted trees.

Why Treenewal?

The tree mitigation process is complex and can be challenging to navigate without the expertise of a DFW tree service company. TreeNewal offers tree surveys and tree mitigation services to developers, builders, and property owners in North Texas. As part of the tree mitigation plan, our ISA Certified Arborists inspect tree health and evaluate the condition of the trees on a construction site. If the protected tree is dying, has significant decay, or is infested or diseased and must be removed, a Certified Arborist will assist in lowering mitigation fees and help property owners conform to local tree preservation ordinances.


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