Arlington Tree Preservation Services: Keeping Heritage Trees Alive

Date August 21, 2023

Author TreeNewal Staff

All trees have different care needs to help them thrive, and that’s no different for heritage trees. Heritage trees are unique in their beauty, significance, and care needs, which can make caring for them somewhat trickier than your typical tree. If you don’t want to risk caring for such significant trees, trusting an expert can ensure that your trees get all they need to thrive and stay healthy for years to come. Keep reading to learn more about heritage trees and discover how the experts at TreeNewal can help.

What Are Heritage Trees?

Image via Pexels by Terry Agar

Heritage trees are trees that hold a special place in a town’s, family’s, or person’s history. Heritage trees can vary in age, size, and species, but some heritage trees in Arlington may include Texas ash, bald cypress, Texas madrone, bigtooth maple, pecan, Arizona walnut, eastern black walnut, and all oak trees. These trees often hold a special place in a cultural landscape and provide additional benefits beyond their significance to a community.

Importance of Conserving Heritage Trees

Conserving these types of trees is not only crucial to maintaining the cultural heritage of a site, as these trees also have additional benefits to the surrounding landscape. In an urban landscape, heritage trees are vital for storing carbon dioxide emissions every year, improving the air quality in the surrounding community. Heritage trees are often home to many creatures in the community, and conserving them means conserving those safe havens for the critters. On a landscaping forefront, heritage trees can even help other plants thrive, providing shade to the surrounding area. Some ways to help preserve these trees include:

  • Fencing around the tree
  • Landscaping to protect the tree from foot traffic
  • Creating walkways that divert away from the tree
  • Having warning signs to deter people from coming near the tree

TreeNewals Preservation Services

Heritage trees often have needs beyond the typical maintenance and upkeep of the rest of the forest. Having expert help means getting the right care for your trees, resulting in your heritage trees lasting for years and years to come. TreeNewal has the expertise and know-how to help analyze your heritage tree’s soil needs, specialty pruning and trimming needs, nutritional requirements, and pest or disease management needs.

Our team of ISA-certified arborists wants your trees — all of them, including your heritage trees — to last for many years. We devise unique care plans for each tree and urban forest you have so you know that you’re getting your trees the right care they need to thrive.

Ready To Help Your Heritage Trees Thrive?

If you’re ready to help your heritage trees thrive, such as the Old Caddo Oak in the Sheri Capehart Southwest Nature Preserve, give the experts a call at TreeNewal. Serving the Dallas and Fort Worth Metroplex, including Arlington, we can help you with all your tree needs. With options such as tree mitigation and recurring tree care services, we can do whatever you need to conserve your heritage trees and help your urban forest thrive. We look forward to helping you soon.