A Guide to Tree Planting in Flower Mound: Growing Green Futures

Date October 30, 2023

Author TreeNewal Staff

Planting a new tree has many benefits, from beautifying a property to improving air quality. When planting a new tree in Flower Mound, Texas, it’s important to follow proper planting and maintenance methods so the tree can grow to its full potential. Use this guide to learn about tree planting in Flower Mound, including the maintenance services TreeNewal provides to keep new trees healthy and vibrant.

Choose the Right Tree

Image via Pexels by Pixabay

Different trees thrive in different environments. Property owners who want to plant new trees should start by learning what species do well in their geographic area. They can consider various factors to choose the right tree, such as sun and moisture requirements, growth rate, and hardiness zone.

In North Texas, homeowners should plant trees that can withstand heat and drought, as well as trees that thrive in soil with different combinations of clay, sand, and silt. Tree planting services in Flower Mound may recommend live oaks, cedar elms, crape myrtles, or pecan trees.

Know When To Plant

In addition to choosing the right tree, knowing when to plant is key. It’s best to plant a new tree during the dormant season, before new growth occurs. In Flower Mound, the fall and spring seasons are both great times to plant new trees. This planting timeline allows a new tree to acclimate to its environment before a hot, dry summer arrives.

Use Proper Techniques

When it’s time to plant, property owners can use the proper techniques to ensure success. According to the International Society of Arboriculture, here are some tips to follow when planting a new tree:

  • Dig a hole that’s as deep as the root ball but two to three times wider.
  • Place the tree at the correct height, and make sure it’s straight before filling in the hole.
  • Eliminate air pockets while filling, and water periodically while backfilling.
  • Spread a 2- to 3-inch layer of mulch around the base of the tree.

Don’t Forget About Continued Maintenance

After planting a tree, it’s important to perform continued maintenance so the tree grows to be healthy and strong. While watering schedules can vary by species and environment, it’s a good idea to water new trees at least once a week. In the hot Texas climate, more watering may be necessary. The Texas A&M Forest Service recommends deep watering for new trees during the warmer months of March through October.

During the first year, property owners should also take care to prune dying or broken branches. This damage can occur during the planting process. Corrective pruning, however, should wait until the second or third year to minimize stress on the tree.

TreeNewal Provides Care for New Trees in Flower Mound, Texas

Planting a new tree can be a great addition to a residential or commercial landscape in Flower Mound. If you’ve recently planted a new tree and need advice on how to care for it or assistance in maintaining it, contact us at TreeNewal. Our ISA-certified arborists have extensive experience caring for trees in the North Texas region. From watering to pruning to disease management, we can offer our helpful tips and services to create a proactive maintenance plan for your new tree.