5 Signs Your Trees Need Some TLC

Date May 08, 2023

Author TreeNewal Staff

Tree care is an important part of keeping your yard healthy and beautiful. According to North American Forest Foundation, yards with several trees can lead to a property value increase of up to 15%, but only if you keep these trees in good condition. From quickly growing shade trees to larger, older trees, here are five warning signs to watch for.

1. Broken Branches

It’s not uncommon for tree branches to break, but those broken branches can be a serious risk to you and your property. Broken branches can fall and hurt you, or they can damage your home, fence, or even other trees.

2. Dead or Diseased Branches

If some of the branches on your trees appear to be dead or diseased, you should have them pruned to make sure they don’t affect the rest of the tree. Removing dead and diseased branches is a key part of regular pruning.

3. Branches Approaching Utility Lines

Trees grow a lot over the years, but it’s important to keep that growth in check when it approaches other structures. Branches that are getting close to utility lines can cause serious problems for you and your neighbors in addition to being a fire hazard. If you have branches near power lines, you need to get them trimmed.

4. Storm Damage

Nothing destroys trees quite like heavy storms do, so it’s smart to have your trees pruned and checked on in the aftermath of a storm. Storm damage can lead to broken branches and other major damage that can weaken trees and even kill them over time.

5. Cracks

Whether you’ve got old trees or quickly growing shade trees, it can be tough to spot cracks. You probably have nothing to worry about if you see a small crack, but large cracks can dry a tree out and eventually kill it. In some cases, these cracks may even be putting your safety at risk.

Taking care of your trees isn’t just about keeping up appearances; it’s also a great way to keep them healthy and prevent safety risks. Removing dead and broken branches is a big part of keeping your trees in good shape. If you’re looking for tree trimming services for your home, give TreeNewal a call.