Top Tree Pruning Services in Southlake

Date November 03, 2023

Author TreeNewal Staff

Trees add immense value to homes and other properties, but owners often forget about routine maintenance, such as tree pruning. Regular pruning can improve the health of trees and minimize the potential of costly damage to a home or structure. Here are some benefits of hiring TreeNewal to schedule regular tree pruning services in Southlake, Texas.

Improved Health and Appearance

Image via Flickr by Marcu Ioachim

Pruning can significantly improve a tree’s health. Larger trees, in particular, often struggle to get essential nutrients from the soil. By trimming some branches, a tree can maximize its nutrients without working so hard, minimizing stress and potential damage.

Not only does pruning improve a tree’s health, but it also makes it look nicer. Removing dead or dying branches can keep a tree looking strong and beautiful. At TreeNewal, our certified arborists know how to prune trees properly to prevent overgrowth and improve the appearance of trees on a residential or commercial properly.

Disease Prevention

Regular tree pruning can help detect potential diseases before they spread to other trees on the property. Our tree care experts at TreeNewal are able to identify possible diseases while trimming branches. They can then determine whether it’s best to prune the affected branches or apply other techniques to treat the disease effectively.

Better Exposure to Sunlight

All trees need sunlight to produce food and grow as part of a process known as photosynthesis. Overgrowth or unnecessary branches can have a negative effect on photosynthesis, as some leaves may receive minimal or no sunlight. By pruning those branches, the tree gains a better exposure to sunlight, which allows it to grow in a healthy way.

Added Property Value

It might surprise some property owners to learn trees can have an impact on property values. One study found that large trees in yards can increase home values by 3% to 15%. On the other hand, overgrown or untrimmed trees may cause property values to decrease. For those looking to make a sale in the near future, pruning can be a cost-effective way to add instant value to their property and entice potential buyers.

Minimal Damages

A tree close to a shed, garage, or other structures can cause serious damage if its branch falls. High winds and other inclement weather events can increase the chances of falling tree branches on North Texas properties. By keeping their trees trimmed, property owners may prevent property damage that may end up costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars to repair.

Schedule Tree Pruning Services in Southlake, Texas

With all the benefits of regular tree pruning, make this service part of your routine outdoor maintenance. Tree trimming can come with safety risks, so it’s best to leave it to the professionals. At TreeNewal, we have extensive experience providing tree pruning services in Southlake and across the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Our ISA-certified arborists shape trees to facilitate their future growth and make sure they look great. In addition, we follow all regulations and industry standards to ensure a safe environment while pruning. Reach out to request a quote today.