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While it’s possible to make tree trimming and removing dead limbs from your trees a do-it-yourself task, only an ISA-certified arborist like ours understands proper tree trimming to both aesthetically shape your trees and promote healthy growth. Professional tree trimming is an obvious choice for homeowners and property managers who love their trees and want to protect them from diseases and misgrowth. We are proud to be one of the leading tree trimming services in Argyle, Texas, as well as being a go-to arborist for other tree maintenance needs including tree installation, tree transplants, tree mulching, and root pruning.


About Treenewal

TreeNewal offers Argyle, Texas area residents and property managers with a variety of tree maintenance services, including tree trimming services. We have an on-staff ISA-certified arborist, bringing over 15 years of expertise servicing and maintaining trees in the North Texas region. We have several long term clients who have trusted us with their tree trimming and tree maintenance needs for years. We’re proud to serve our local customers for years, making their trees look as beautiful as possible, all while maintaining their health and promoting optimal tree growth.

Why Do You Need Our Tree Trimming Services

There are a variety of reasons why homeowners and property owners call on us for tree trimming services.
These include:

Annual Tree Maintenance:
All trees need annual tree trimming to promote proper tree growth. Annual tree trimming also allows us to inspect your trees for any diseased limbs, which we promptly trim to protect your tree and make it as healthy as possible.

Shaping Trees to Improve Their Aesthetics:
While we believe all trees are beautiful, they don’t always grow in an even fashion that gives you the curb appeal you want for your home or commercial or public property. One reason that we offer Argyle tree trimming services is that our aesthetic eye allows us to shape trees to be beautiful to the eye of the beholder, all while maintaining proper tree health.

Trimming Trees After Utility Companies Have Trimmed Them for Clearance:
If you have trees located near power lines, then you know that utility companies will come out unexpectedly to trim them for clearance. When utility companies are trimming trees, their priority is to create a distance between the power line and the tree. Aesthetics is not one of their priorities. We often help homeowners and property managers reshape their trees to a more pleasing shape after utility companies have trimmed them for clearance.

Removing Storm-Damaged Limbs:
We all know what type of storms we get in North TX! Sometimes, trees become damaged from heavy rains or wind. Storm-damaged trees should be immediately trimmed – regardless of the season – as storm-damaged limbs create a safety hazard.

Removing Dead Limbs:
No matter how well you take care of your trees, you’ll have dead limbs. These dead limbs are a hazard because they can fall off at unpredictable times, posing a risk to people and structures. By having your trees trimmed professionally every year, we’re able to locate dead limbs and safely remove them so that they don’t fall on people or structures.

Removing Dangerous Limbs:
Sometimes tree limbs become dangerous. This is especially true for trees with low canopies, which may have limbs that grow low and become a striking hazard for anyone walking underneath them. For example, you may have a tree with limbs so low that you’re unable to safely mow the grass underneath the tree. We remove these dangerous limbs to protect the people who walk and gather underneath the affected trees.

Why Choose Us

We know that you have a choice in tree trimming services. We respectfully ask that you consider us for tree trimming and tree maintenance due to our years of experience taking care of trees in North Texas, and the fact that we have an ISA-certified arborist on staff, who has the knowledge, education, and experience to properly trim trees so that they are both beautiful and healthy.

Our Commitment To Quality

While safety is our number one priority, quality is a very close second. As a local business, we hold ourselves to high standards. We don’t want to meet your expectations – we want to exceed them.
We are proud that our commitment to quality has resulted in several customers who have chosen our Argyle tree trimming services for years. We hope that you will call on us so we can show you how we are different from our competitors.


If you’re looking for professional tree trimming services by an ISA-certified arborist with years of caring for trees in the North Texas area, you’ve come to the right place. Call us today at (817) 533-8438 to inquire about our tree trimming services and other tree maintenance options.


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