A Comprehensive Guide to Tree Nutrition for Fort Worth Residents

Date June 29, 2023

Author TreeNewal Staff

Trees require good soil, regular watering, and the right nutrients to grow and thrive. In areas such as Fort Worth, which often have stressful growing conditions, trees frequently need a helping hand to get the nutrition they need. Without fertilization and soil amendments, they risk becoming nutrient deficient and susceptible to disease and insect infestation. In this guide to Fort Worth tree nutrition, we explain how you can ensure your trees remain healthy.

Why Is Tree Nutrition Important?

Image via Flickr by RichardBH

Adequate nutrition encourages strong, healthy growth and enables trees to survive disease threats and extreme weather events, such as drought. The most important nutrients for trees include:

  • Nitrogen for photosynthesis and leaf growth.
  • Phosphorus for root growth and flower and fruit production.
  • Potassium for photosynthesis and drought resistance.

Poor growth and yellowing or browning leaves are common signs of nutrient deficiencies in trees.

It Starts With the Soil

Because growth begins with the below-ground root system, the conditions of the surrounding soil are crucial to a tree’s health. This is where they get many of the nutrients they need to thrive. Therefore, a soil test can quickly and easily indicate the nutrients a tree might be lacking. It will also reveal the soil’s pH level — whether it’s too acidic or too basic — which affects the tree’s ability to take in nutrients.

For most trees, a pH level between 6.0 and 7.0 is ideal. A tree professional can take soil samples and analyze the results to determine its condition and recommend ways to improve it. Methods to enhance soil health and provide trees with better nutrition include:

  • Mulching to improve soil content and protect tree roots.
  • Applying compost to inject more organic matter into the soil and improve water retention.
  • Planting cover crops nearby to improve soil quality and deter weeds.

It can also be beneficial for a professional tree company to apply soil conditioner.

Feed With Fertilizer

Trees may benefit from regular applications of nutrients, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, which encourage growth, strengthen roots, and increase disease resistance. This is where fertilization comes into play. There are three common ways to fertilize:

  • Spreading fertilizer over the top of the soil surrounding the tree and watering to help it reach the roots.
  • Spraying fertilizer on the trunk and leaves themselves.
  • Injecting fertilizer into the soil to better reach the roots.

The latter method, called deep root fertilization, is one of the most effective tree nutrition strategies because it targets the root zone and ensures the nutrients don’t simply wash away with the topsoil. A tree professional can perform deep root fertilization once or twice a year, depending on the tree species, age, and location.

Proper Care for Healthy Trees

Good nutrition is key to the ongoing health of trees. Without the essential nutrients in the appropriate amounts, they can’t grow and thrive. Our team of certified arborists at TreeNewal are experts in Fort Worth tree nutrition and skilled in assessing and improving tree health. Contact us to schedule a soil analysis or deep root fertilization, and keep your trees flourishing.